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Sports Island is a multi-event offering, pulling together ten sporting events and pushing the player to their limits. Players are invited to play addictive Adidas-endorsed versions of Beach Volley, Football, Badminton, Basketball, Curling, Figure Skating, Archery, Moto Cross, Snowboarding and Kart Race. Each uses the Wii Remote and Nunchuk in unique yet accessible ways. As such, a subtle swing of the Wii Remote is used to hit the ball in Volleyball, while subtle twists are needed to ride the slopes in the Snowboarding section. Up to four players can compete in each event, and, with its entertaining multi-player modes and varied gameplay, Sports Island is an ideal game for players of all ages. Each sport is brilliantly realised and intuitive to play, with sports such as Football and Basketball featuring all the passes and skill of the real thing but without sacrificing immediacy. Similarly, the likes of Figure Skating and Curling demand precision from the player and a different range of skills, guaranteeing hours of entertainment as players attempt to climb the in-game leader boards at the expense of their friends.. With free UK delivery and covered by our quality guarantee, saving you money on your DVDs. Delivered within 5-7 working days.

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